Media/News Release Writing Training


Our workshop teaches you how to create effective News Releases, which not only successfully “sell” your key messages but also meet the media's agenda.


This starts with a newsworthy headline that immediately attracts attention and is followed by a memorable opening paragraph, setting the tone for the remainder of the article.


You have a matter of seconds to attract a journalist's attention. If he or she is not interested in the material presented, your time and effort are to no avail, so we provide you with the tools to maximise your chances.


We talk about the importance of quality not quantity in communication with the media, explaining that more is not necessarily better. The course outlines the nine key questions that journalists ask and why they ask these questions. It is then appropriate that these are addressed in the body of the copy, which we help you to prepare.


Media & Presentation Training discusses how best to make use of social media, as well as avoiding the hazards and pitfalls associated with it.


We deal with preparation for interviews, focusing on the need to prepare material that is appropriate to the audience and stressing the importance of planning clear objectives for each interview.

Media Training


Our intensive, highly interactive and practical courses are designed to provide participants with confidence in dealing with the media – newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online media.


The idea is to teach them how to work effectively with journalists, how to deliver their key messages concisely, in a timely fashion, with credibility, integrity and sincerity and how to forge positive relationships.


We give those who undertake the workshops an insight into what motivates reporters and how they think, while being mindful of journalistic deadlines.


Media & Presentation Training provides participants with an understanding of how the media operates. They are prepared for all likely eventualities, including favourable and worst case scenarios when facing print, radio, television and online journalists, interviewers, commentators and columnists.


Effective Business Writing Training


Our interactive workshop teaches you how to write effectively. We discuss how to successfully impart your key messages and create a favourable impression with both internal and external audiences.


Business writing may take the form of reports, summaries, resumes, proposals, submissions, memorandums, emails, advertisements or any other written communication.


We give you ideas on how to write clearly and succinctly, breaking often-complex information into readily digestible material that follows a logical progression, punctuated by subheadings where appropriate.

Crisis/Issues Management Training


This workshop exposes you to a day or two of unmitigated disaster.


We will create issues relevant to your business.


The scenario/s is/are presented and we then begin role-playing to ascertain who will perform which functions best in a crisis.


Who will speak to the media, the police, other emergency services, government, shareholders, staff?


How will you liaise with these people? What tone will you adopt? What gives you the most positive image while not downplaying the seriousness of what is happening?

Presentation/Public Speaking Training


Our workshop is designed to develop participants' confidence in dealing with audiences and in selling their key messages.


This interactive program provides both theory and practice in effective public speaking and presentation, concentrating on how to get messages across clearly and succinctly.


We cover the preparation and writing of presentations, including the importance of targeted research and how to create an impact.


We talk about different forms of presentation – informative, persuasive and motivational – and the need to “read” an audience correctly, responding to feedback received.

Media & Presentation Training delivers carefully tailored, highly interactive and practical short training workshops around Australia and internationally.


We specialise in spoken and written communications in the areas outlined below.


In addition, we personalise other programs based upon clients' specific needs/requests.


Feel free to contact us on 0418 660 660 or email Managing Director Alex First ( so we can address your requirements.

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