Our workshop is designed to develop participants' confidence in dealing with audiences and in selling their key messages.


This interactive program provides both theory and practice in effective public speaking and presentation, concentrating on how to get messages across clearly and succinctly.


We cover the preparation and writing of presentations, including the importance of targeted research and how to create an impact.


We talk about different forms of presentation – informative, persuasive and motivational – and the need to “read” an audience correctly, responding to feedback received.


The course tackles the technical side of presentations and the characteristics of effective speech – pitch, pace, pause and emphasis, breath control, eye contact, stance, voice projection and gesturing.


Common problems such as fear of public speaking, nerves, dry throat, shortage of breath and excessive movement are dealt with, along with personal grooming and what to wear to create the most positive image.


We discuss the balance required between authority and sincerity of approach.


We address the question and answer sessions that often accompany presentations – how to listen attentively and how to respond with clarity and purpose.


Participants are given instruction on the different types of visual aids, their most effective use and potential pitfalls.


Each attendee will be given personal guidance on how to maximise his/her performance. Their presentations will be captured on an SD card and constructively critiqued, with the SD card being theirs to keep.


We distribute detailed take-home material, outlining what we have covered in the workshop.


Presentation Training One-Day Workshop
Presentation Training Half-Day Workshop