Our workshop teaches you how to create effective News Releases, which not only successfully “sell” your key messages but also meet the media’s agenda.


This starts with a newsworthy headline that immediately attracts attention and is followed by a memorable opening paragraph, setting the tone for the remainder of the article.


You have a matter of seconds to attract a journalist’s attention. If he or she is not interested in the material presented, your time and effort are to no avail, so we provide you with the tools to maximise your chances.


We talk about the importance of quality not quantity in communication with the media, explaining that more is not necessarily better. The course outlines the nine key questions that journalists ask and why they ask these questions. It is then appropriate that these are addressed in the body of the copy, which we help you to prepare.


The workshop gives you an understanding of how the media works and what it is after, emphasising the importance of effective media relations in developing and maintaining the profile of your company.


We show you a style of writing that is not only easy to follow, but credible and meaningful to journalists.


The workshop explains the importance of understanding different media audiences and addressing the needs of these audiences in the writing you produce.


Media and Presentation Training sets a series of practical exercises based on actual news you may want to impart to the media, creating ready-made News Releases, which can thereafter be distributed at a time of your choosing, should you wish to do so.