This workshop exposes you to a day or two of unmitigated disaster.


One or a number of distinct scenarios are dealt with. It could be:


  • a scandal over misuse of public money;

  • significant restructure resulting in job losses and considerable resentment;

  • a major product recall;

  • allegations of sexual harassment or racism;

  • a competitor spreading misinformation about your business;

  • an employee or employees caught embezzling funds;

  • crucial company executives tragically killed;

  • the fallout from a significant downturn in revenue or a decline in your share price;

  • the resignation of one or a number of prominent Board members;

  • a bomb planted in your building/office;

  • a fire which has trapped tenants and visitors, some of whom could have died or sustained serious injuries;

  • a union picket or industrial dispute which has turned ugly;

  • a man with a gun holding hostages; or

  • any other plausible scenario.


We will create issues relevant to your business.


The scenario/s is/are presented and we then begin role-playing to ascertain who will perform which functions best in a crisis.


Who will speak to the media, the police, other emergency services, government, shareholders, staff?


How will you liaise with these people? What tone will you adopt? What gives you the most positive image while not downplaying the seriousness of what is happening?


At the end of the course we will have formed an impression of who did what well and what functions they and others should be assigned given a real-life situation. An appointed company executive will receive feedback.


This course can pave the way for preparation of a formal crisis manual.


Otherwise, the workshop can stand alone as a training exercise.