Our interactive workshop teaches you how to write effectively. We discuss how to successfully impart your key messages and create a favourable impression with both internal and external audiences.


Business writing may take the form of reports, summaries, resumes, proposals, submissions, memorandums, emails, advertisements or any other written communication.


We give you ideas on how to write clearly and succinctly, breaking often-complex information into readily digestible material that follows a logical progression, punctuated by subheadings where appropriate.


Media & Presentation Training talks about the importance of quality not quantity in communication, explaining that more is not necessarily better. The course outlines the key questions that should be addressed in most forms of communication.


We show you a style of writing that is not only easy to follow, but credible and meaningful. The workshop deals with understanding different audiences and listening to their requirements before addressing their needs in the writing you produce.


The course is punctuated by a series of carefully tailored practical exercises to demonstrate the merits of what you have learned, during which we give participants the opportunity to improve their skills. Throughout we provide individual feedback, which will also benefit the group.

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